Music: Mai Ri Mai

This song is from movie Parched. Composed by Hitesh Sonik and sung by Neeti Mohan & Harshdeep Kaur. Lyrics are written by Swanand Kirkire. 

The movie parched tells the story about 4 women and their struggle with social evils, age-old traditions, and practices of patriarchy, child marriage, dowry, marital rapes and physical and mental abuse in the Indian desert state Rajasthan. As the subject of movie this song also tells the story of women. I recommend this movie to everyone. It is a thought provoking movie and a must watch.

Lyrics and English translation of song:

mai ri mai
maai ri maai
main baadal ki bitiya
mayi ri mayi
main saawan ki nadiya

mother, O mother,
I am the daughter of clouds,
mother, O mother,
I am the river of the rainy season.

do pal ka joban
do pal Thitholi
boondon saji hai
choonar meri choli

my youth is of a few moments,
and a few moments of innocent fun,
and today my dresses are all
adorned with drops (of tears).

ufan kar chali main saagar se milne
le kar ke tho ri si tirchhi dagariya

In fervent flow, I go to meet the sea now,
taking a little oblique path.

mai ri mai….

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