No matter how big one’s house is or a small hut they own.

No matter if one has million or they have zero balance in their accounts. 

No matter if one has degrees or they have no formal education at all. 

No matter which race they belong and which religion they follow.

No matter which ethnicity they have and which faith they believe in.

No matter which place they are from and which language they speak.

No matter what their gender is and which sexuality they possess.

No matter which kind of body they have and which colour is their skin.

No matter what job they do. How they live. How they look.

We all are equal.

We all come from humans and

we all are made of flesh and bones.

Here, we work hard and play our part.

In end, we all go into the grave.

We all are equal.

No one is superior.

No one is inferior.

We all are humans.


We all are equal.

– © Harsha Dubey.


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