Basant Panchami.

Basant Panchami is a Hindu festival that is observed by people in India and neighbouring country Nepal. Basant Panchami marks the beginning of the spring season. Basant means spring and Panchami mean “the fifth day”. It is celebrated on the fifth day of Magha month of Vikram Samvat calendar. We celebrated it on Feb 1 in India this year.

This festival is also called Saraswati pooja because it is dedicated to the goddess of knowledge, music, art, science, wisdom and learning “Saraswati”. There are different beliefs about this festival and one of the belief is goddess Saraswati was born on this day. People worship her to achieve wisdom.

Goddess Saraswati.

On Basant Panchami, schools and educational institutes celebrate Saraswati Puja, people visit temples and pray to Goddess Saraswati. It is also considered auspicious to wear yellow on Basant Panchami.

In northern states of India, Punjab and Bihar people celebrate it as a festival of kites.

People consider Basant Panchami as an auspicious day to begin good work.


Picture credit: Pinterest.




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