“Purple and yellow”


Entomophily or insect pollination is a form of pollination in which pollen of plants, is distributed by insects.

Entomophilous flowers are bright in colour and scented and secrete nectar this is how they attract insects. when insects visit flowers to get nectar out of them for themselves pollen sticks on their body and after which it accidentally land on the same flower or another flower. This is how flowers are pollinated by insects. Pollination leads to the production of fruits that we eat and seeds that create more plants this is why pollination is important.

How beautiful this process is, they go to flowers for themselves but they help flowers accidentally, unknowingly to pollinate them. They not only help plants and flowers but they help us too, to all animals and human beings. Most of the food that we consume depend on pollination by insects, bees, butterflies, beetles, birds, bats, wasps and flies. These are pollinators.

This is why they are very much important for our ecosystem.


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